We’re happy to introduce our new website, as part of the launch of our new cookbook, ‘The HCG Recipes Book!

Check back often, we have some cool things planned for our book launch, including a contest.

In the meantime, visit us on Facebook, and ‘Like’ our page to join the fun!



  1. Congratulations on the release of your new cookbook, Sue! I sure value my copy… I use it A LOT!

    • SueLillemo

      Thank you Suzette for your comment. I am pleased you are enjoying your book. As we put the finishing touches on the web site I feel my excitement building for the launch & the contest we will be running. I am also very pleased to say that I have been privately receiving excellent reviews on this cookbook – it is so rewarding!

  2. Regardless of all the ways we can get a recipe… internet etc.,…there is still nothing like holding a book in your hands. Flipping through the pages of Sue’s cookbook motivated me to try new recipes…they are easy to follow and my family and friends are impressed and don’t think about the nutrional value while eating the delicous dish…but I do and it is important to me.
    Thank you Sue for putting it all together for me… it is such a fast food world and your book is changing that for many people..which in turn will change many people mentally and physically. Thank you Sue!

    • I am pleased you are enjoying your book Suzanne – I agree – in this world of technology, sometimes there is nothing like using a book – esp. in the kitchen – enjoy your new fast food with this book!

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